Zhejiang Academy of Medical Sciences

Located to the north of the scenic Xizi Lake, Zhejiang Academy of Medical sciences(ZAMS) is adjacent to Zhejiang University Yuquan Campus and Xixi Campus, Huanglong Sports Center and Zhejiang Library. It covers an area of 60 mu (equivalent to 4 hectares).

The ZAMS was established in 1950. With our esteemed scientists¡¯ and several generations¡¯ of painstaking efforts, it has grown into the largest comprehensive medicine & health scientific research institution in the public welfare category in our province. At present, there are a total of 390 in-service staff in ZAMS, of which, 100 staff have senior professional titles (including 2 academicians), 40 staff enjoy special government allowances, 6 staff are elected as young and middle-aged scientific experts with outstanding contributions in China, and 11 staff are listed as trans-century academic and technical leaders in Zhejiang Province. We have 9 research institutes (centers) specializing in viral disease, bioengineering, parasitic disease, pharmacology, hygiene, birth control, health food, medical information and experimental animal research, etc. as well as a WHO Collaborating Centre for Research on Helminthiasis and WHO Collaborating Centre for Research in Human Reproduction, Zhejiang Cooperative Center of Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, National Industrial Experimental Base on virus seed of live attenuated hepatitis A vaccine, the National Pharmacologic Clinical Research Base, National Key Research Lab on Safety Evaluation of new Medicine and the Zhejiang Key Lab for Experimental Animal and Safety Evaluation etc. Four provincial key medicine subjects are available in our academy, including molecular biology of pathogen, pharmacology, labor hygiene and nutrition, and four master degree granting units regarding molecular biology of pathogen, pharmacology, pharmacy and labor hygiene & environmental sanitation. In addition, The ZAMS is appointed as the assessment institution of chemical toxicity by the Ministry of Health and determined as the certified unit of pesticide toxicological experimentation and the assessment unit for novelty of medical science and technology projects by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture.

In recent years, our academy has undertaken over 100 projects at the national, provincial and ministerial level every year. A total of over 200 achievements in scientific research have won awards, including 3 National Invention Awards (2 second-class awards and 1 third-class award), 11 National Science & Technology Progress Awards and 11 Awards in Chinese Science Conference as well as 20 national invention patents. Some achievements in scientific research have entered the advanced ranks worldwide, for example, the hepatitis A live attenuated vaccine has been successfully developed and industrialized, which has made a key breakthrough in controlling the spread of hepatitis; reproductive health study, especially the study on drug metabolic kinetics and toxicokinetics of contraceptive and the study on human procreation regulatory factors and fertilization mechanisms, has accomplished outstanding achievements; and achievements in the study on medicine for schistosomiasis prevention and the optimized control program keeps contributing to the controlling and eliminating of schistosomiasis in China. Meanwhile, major achievements have been made in the research and development of new drugs and CTM, the toxicological study and safety evaluation of new drugs, pesticides, food and chemicals, study on the prevention and treatment of verminosis, infectious diseases, endemic diseases and occupational diseases, etc., as well as information technology studies of medicine and hygiene and so on, making great contributions to the medicine and hygiene undertakings and the development of the economy in our province.

During the period of the ¡°11th Five-Year Plan¡±, our academy, adhered to using the scientific development concept as our guidance, carrying forward the spirit of ¡°innovation and service¡±, taking scientific construction and technical innovation as the masterstroke, taking talent cultivation and team construction as the basis, taking platform construction and scientific achievement conversion as our reliance and taking the improvement of our environment for scientific research as our guarantee, upgrades in an overall manner to our software capability of management service, and building our academy into a key provincial scientific research institute that ¡°plays a leading role in the scientific research of medicine in the whole province and gets a position in the front-land of national scientific research of medicine¡±, thus serving the development of the economic society and the assurance of the people¡¯s health in Zhejiang Province


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